【Prologue】Late Summer Vacation 2012

I have enjoyed THE NAM HAI Hoi An during the summer vacation of this year.

If a question is asked "Where is it?", I will answer "It is in Vietnam."
If a question is asked "Where did you went to travel somewhere?", I will answer "I went to THE NAM HAI Hoi An."

It is a so wonderful resort here.

A location and hardware are of course,hospitality of all the people who work there, the highest satisfaction was offered of my life.

"While I have lived for 47 years, I would like to leave the most wonderful recollections vividly into my memory."

I would like to write the account of stay at THE NAM HAI Hoi An little by little, holding such a thought in a breast.

If you have time, although there are also many photographs and a tale continues, please see.

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